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Meditation Teacher Training Certification Course – Chicago

Through this 5 month training course, you will gain certification into teaching  all levels of Meditation.  To best serve your schedule, time and needs, this is a combination of home study and one on one training.

The Meditation Teacher Training Certification Course is open to the general public as well as advanced students of meditation. This certification enables an individual to successfully begin a wonderful journey of teaching meditation, especially in large group settings. The meditation platform has become more and more important in so many aspects of our communities from business environments to hospital settings. Our school has been successfully providing meditation for 19 years and our founder, Billie Topa Tate, Mescalero Apache has guided many students into meditation practices as well as other healing modalities.


By the end of the Meditation Certification Program you will learn:

  • Practical Values of Meditation
  • Various Techniques of Meditation
  • The Three Basic Stages
  • Meditation and Our Life’s Journey Principles
  • Strategy and Meditation Tools
  • Universal Concepts for Meditation
  • The “Do’s and Don’ts” of facilitating a Meditation group
  • Advanced Meditation Course and Teacher Lessons
  • Working with Students in a group setting
  • Methods of Spiritual Enfoldment
  • Discussion and instruction for your students
  • Short breath models for meditation instruction for group settings mantra or sound meditation
  • Steps to Launching your Meditation Teaching Platform
  • Marketing and Promotional to help reach your students and general public.
  • Roles and Responsibilities of a Meditation Teacher
  • And much more

The last month of the Program includes intern and fieldwork experience to help achieve confidence with group meditation endeavors.

Taken in Sedona Arizona at a Medicine Wheel Ceremony

Your Instructor:  One of the important aspects of receiving your Meditation Teacher Certification is …. “who certifies you?” Billie Topa Tate has a long history of teaching and service to the community and has a long standing teaching reputation with the general public. Your certification would help you connect with many people who have heard of her work as a Native American Teacher.

Billie has provided services for Rush Hospital, Northwestern University (teaching medical students, indigenous wellness, as well as, sacred breath, Reiki training and short burst meditations ) as well as The Cancer Center of American. This professional standing with the medical community combined with her field work and expertise further enhances the value of your Teacher Training. She is the developer of Oncology Reiki, The Reiki Phowa, Loving Kindness Meditation and so many other training courses. People also find it exciting to connect with Native Teachers who can add value to their training principles. After your certification, you will receive a beautiful certificate which you can display for your students to view as well as utilizing our Center and Billie Topa Tate as your resource and professional support.

When I miss meditation for one day, I notice, when I miss meditation for two days, my teacher notices, when I miss meditation for 3 days, the world notices.

Teacher Training Fee Includes: All class recordings, meditation recordings, handouts, books are included into the price of your certification course (cd player required). Five 1 hour private training sessions with Billie Topa Tate are also included in your certification course.  A 24 hour cancel policy is in place for the “ one on one “ 1 hour sessions, otherwise there will be a fee of  $50 for the missed “one on one” session.

Welcome to our Meditation Teacher Training Course. Shanti Shanti – Billie Topa Tate

To sign up please fill out the form below:

Meditation Certification Form
Please include the following information with your tuition form: Check No.________ Return to: MSI Wellness Center, Billie Topa Tate Founder - 2144 Ashland Suite 1, Evanston, Il. 60201 847-866-0505

Inside The Experience

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