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Psychic Hearing Workshop with Billie Topa Tate


Our abilities to hear and connect with our higher source are important in utilizing our energetic resources.   The energetic resources of our intuition, our virtuous teachers in spirit and so many other empowering platforms assist us with our psychic intuition.


This is a wonderful training class which will provide the dynamics and platform of Psychic Hearing.  Billie Topa Tate will provide techniques and clinical demonstration regarding our Psychic Hearing and how to develop it.


This class is part of a series which also covers psychic writing, hearing and touch.


Psychic hearing is similar to normal hearing and is like tuning into a radio dial, but more subtle the radio is you.


Techniques you will learn that can help you to keep the channels open and develop them

  • -Awareness training  setting an intention to increase your psychic hearing and abilities
  • -Meditation raises your vibration in order to do intuitive work
  • -Positive Thinking
  • -Creating space and time to listen and be open to receive new ideas
  • -Ask for spirit messages creating a two-way communication with spirit and your guides
  • -Paying attention to gentle urges and recurring themes
  • -Working with dream time
  • -Specific Techniques to develop psychic hearing

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