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Angels and Crystals Workshop with Billie Topa Tate


Angels are wonderful divine helpers from the energy world who have been part of our world for centuries.  Crystals are constant conduits of energy and also known in the energy world as spirit in crystal form.

Crystals and Angels WorkshopThere have been endless mystical stories about Angels, their divine intervention, miraculous healing powers and profound wisdom.   The crystal world is also known for assisting many healing qualities as well, harnessing the power of light.  Each stone has amazing energies which Billie will touch on during class.


This class is about wonderful Native techniques developed to deepen our relationship with Angels and Crystals.  Bring your own crystal or purchase one in class.  An amazing class not to be missed.


In this class you will learn....

1) The Angels and their presence in our lives

2) What can Angels do within our life's journey

3) The hidden power of crystals and how to use them in our daily life

4) Cleansing our crystals

5) Attuning our crystals to use with our guardian angels and divine helpers

6) Harnessing the power qualities of light within our crystals

7) Various techniques and working together with our angels and crystals


Register Early and Save $10 - Register Early Your Crystal Kit Free.  We will be using quartz crystal, amethyst and rose quartz examples within the class.

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