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Goddess Retreat 2019 Guided by Billie Topa Tate


The Woman Shaman Instruction and Training Retreat
Guided by Billie Topa Tate - Mescalero Apache

Make Time to Awaken the Medicine Woman


Embrace a very unique and much needed beautiful retreat filled with important and empowering wisdom training from the tradition of the medicine woman. This is a very important time for women.


The essence of the Medicine Woman training is refreshing, wisdom filled and connects us with the Sage Woman in all of us. Register with a goddess friend for good karma.


Event Schedule:


Saturday March 16th 4pm - 8pm

  • Welcoming Ceremony
  • Medicine Woman Sage bundle for all attending goddesses
  • The Essence of the Medicine Woman Preliminary Instruction
  • The Woman Shaman Instruction and Training
  • Apache Dream Chanting
  • Special Goddess Water Detox Workout
  • Indoor pool - Thermo jet hot tub, sauna for revitalize
  • Closing Ceremony and Refreshing Sacred Breath Training
  • Goddess Sleep Time at Home & Return to MSI Wellness Center Sunday

Sunday March 17 10am - 1pm

  • Food for the Goddess - The Miracle of Certain Foods and eating together
  • Daily living training for the Medicine Woman
  • The Woman Shaman Instruction and Training
  • Medicine Journey Apache Drum training and closing ceremony


Cost $275 - Includes 2 day retreat, all goddess materials such as, books, meals, handouts, medicine woman bundles (goddess retreat tool kit) are included

Price: $275.00

Date: March 16, 2019

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