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Introduction To EFT and Wellness Workshop Guided by Steve Shields


“Introduction To EFT and Wellness” Workshop

This is a workshop designed to be open to everyone. EFT uses the technique of tapping on one’s own energy meridians while safely tuning in to emotional or physical issues. This process leads to the release of negative blocks and facilitates stress release, calming, and clarity.

This technique employs a simple approach that provides a sense of awareness, balance, and learning. The benefits can be perceived during the process of tapping.  EFT can be used in support of any other modality to release any blocks in the process.

In this workshop You will learn:

  • • The origins of EFT
  • • The basic tapping points and how to tap on them
  • • The verbal components used for “tuning in”
  • • How to use EFT to safely access emotional or physical issues
  • • How to apply EFT to support any existing modalities that you use
  • • How tapping facilitates wellness in the process of dealing with issues, enhancing performance, or just achieving a state of calmness and balance
  • • The 3 approaches to using EFT – Self-help, With a Practitioner, Tapping in a Group

Learning Outcomes and Objectives:

  • Completion of this Workshop will provide a safe method of approaching an emotional or physical issue to release the charge of the negative aspects of the issue. This process facilitates our own natural healing that supports/promotes a sense of well being and learning.
  • Learn an Introduction to EFT Basics and applications to release the stress of negative emotional and physical issues.
  • Understand the method of identifying a starting point in the process of dealing with an emotional or physical issue when using EFT.
  • Understanding the process of identifying any shifts that provide release of negative stress, calming, and learning.

Attendees will:

  • Be able to locate and use the basic tapping points used in EFT
  • Understand the basic “set up statements” used in EFT
  • Practice the basic method of describing and tapping on a physical issue
  • Understand the basic terms used in EFT that refer to emotions
  • Practice the basic method of describing and tapping on an emotional issue
  • Learn to measure any shift from pre–tapping to post-tapping

Watch a video from your explaining EFT and the benefits of this training.  Steve Shields, Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner will provide the basic material to utilize these wonderful aspects of tapping.

EFT Emotional Free Technique with Steve ShieldsAbout Your Instructor: Steve Shields has been studying holistic healing and wellness techniques since 2004.

He has received training and provides teaching in the following:  Certified EFT Advanced Practitioner. Certified with the Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques (AAMET). He has taught EFT classes, workshops, and provided individual sessions since 2009.  Certified Hypnotherapist. Certified with the Omni Hypnosis Training Center, National Guild of Hypnotists, 2005.  Certified in Past Life Progression Therapy with Brian Weiss. 2005  Reiki Practitioner and Master Teacher training at MSI Healing and Wellness Center, Evanston, IL.  Yoga Instructor from 2004 to present. Teaching basic Hatha Yoga and its applications for wellness.

Steve is the co-owner/founder of Keystone Healing Center in Chicago.

Continuing Education For Massage TherapistsProvider Number #419896-00

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