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Planetary Reiki Training


We have all see  areas where there was  crimes, violence, un-rest, and unhappiness ?  have you ever felt very uncomfortable in a neighborhood filled with energetic un-rest or possibly a area where there had been illness or sorrow.


Through the Native Training and Integration of Planetary Reiki  we have a great potential to create a drug free, violence free, and low crime regions with Planetary Reiki.    Through Planetary Reiki can be infused with healing and sacred energy -  areas which are filled with crime, and countries which have difficulty with violence can be infused with compassion and divine love.     Come be the first to experience and receive this wonderful specialized training. 

From our Planetary Reiki training we learn...

  • how to infuse neighborhoods with the healing virtuous energy
  • how to attune regions of land into sacred places of healing and divine love
  • how the Native people ( specifically the Mescalero Apache ) would use healing energy to nourish and bless an area
  • sacred spaces were created on Mother Earth
  • how to bless and clear a plot of land
  • how to bless and clear a home or office to raise the vibration to sacred symbols of healing
  • and much more

We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.