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Free Inner Peace Lecture & Guided Meditation Online Class

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Running Time: 26:06 MIN

Spirit of Inner Peace Free Online Class and Meditation with Billie Topa Tate

The Spirit of Inner Peace Lecture and Meditation is a uniquely designed to help all of us be in a state of balance through the time honored Native Principles of our Mescalero Apache tradition. Indigenous Wellness comes from bringing all aspects of our personal energy to the healthy flow of mother nature and creating a […]

Meditation Training with Billie Topa Tate

You will receive unique guidance from Billie’s exceptional meditation training and the implementation of these meditations will be facilitated during this program. Embracing  these Meditation techniques will bring forth many wonderful features and benefits. Come join us for a unique and rare training that uniquely connects us with a great sense of balance, healing, and […]

Meditation Teacher Inside the Experience

Curious what the Meditation Teacher Training (MTT) is all about or if it’s right for you? Read as MTT’s from around the Illinois area share about their journey, stories and most importantly, their advice when it comes to all things Teacher Training.

Would you like to become a Meditation Teacher?

Our Meditation Teacher Certification program is an exciting new home study program combined with 5 “one on one” sessions with Billie Topa Tate.    The one on one sessions can be done over the phone or in person as this training is available world wide to all those seeking to step into this wonderful teacher training. […]

Meditation Teacher Training Feedback

Greetings Meditation Teacher Trainee You are amazing and congratulations on working your way through the teacher training program.   So many people want to hear the inside story. Light up your spirit and discover your true self. Teach to, connect, uncover, explore. There’s no time like now, your adventure is calling – Teacher Training. In order […]

Meditation Teacher Training

Benefits of Obtaining a Meditation Teacher Certification

Meditation Instructor Certification program offers a highly interactive and effective way of deepening your personal mindfulness meditation practice & learning how to teach meditation to others.   The Meditation Certification is: For those who desire to strengthen their foundation and expand their capabilities as professionals in any work environment, including healthcare (allopathic, holistic, or lifestyle […]

Meditation Teacher Certification Training Chicago

MEDITATION TEACHER TRAINING CERTIFICATION COURSE Through this 5 month training course, you will gain certification into teaching  all levels of Meditation.  To best serve your schedule, time and needs, this is a combination of home study and one on one training. The Meditation Teacher Training Certification Course is open to the general public as well as […]

Creating a Sacred Altar for Prayer and Meditation DVD Class

Description:  A sacred altar in your home can serve as a focal point for meditation or simply a refuge where you return when you need a spiritual boost.  It provides the space to lay down the burdens of your everyday life and just BE.  By dedicating space in your home to spirit, you coach your […]

Crystal Bowl Meditation Provides Healing

Healing and Meditation with Crystal Bowls   Here are some facts about crystal bowls: They help with insomnia, lowered pulse and heart rate, the effects of pain for relaxation, stress reduction. Many people use different crystal bowls relating to the note of a particular chakra. Sound meditation using crystal bowls can help enter into the […]