Aura Enhancement Affirmation


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There are many cultures that take time during sunrise and sunset to take a moment to balance the breath and refresh the mind and express a desire for their life’s journey. This practice is called sacred intentions, which states that we can actually guide our mind and energy for a better outcome to our day and night.

Creation Story From Billie Topa Tate:

It is an honor to share this Aura Enhancement Affirmation with you. My teachers taught me how important it was to keep our energy field clear of negative energies that may block our happiness, wisdom and good health. Also, how important it is to guide our energy to achieve our wisdom and have a good and peaceful life.

My teachers wonderfully taught me that starting our day with powerful words and wisdom filled intentions helped map our energies to produce outcomes that not only were filled with synergetic qualities of success but also wisdom for our journey.


This aura enhancement recording can be used in the morning and throughout the day to help clear away stress, negative thoughts and also guide our energies to achieve empowering goals for our life. This recording helps teach our mind and energy field to promote synergetic qualities of happiness, harmony and may contribute to our success.

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