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Chakra Cleaning Continuing Education Video


running time: 1hr 30 min

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Product Description

What is a Chakra?

ChakrasThe Sanskrit word “chakra” means in literal terms: “spinning wheel”.  The chakra system within the human body consists of 7 major chakras and many minor chakras.  To those who can see energy fields, a major chakra resembles a spinning wheel when looking directly into the chakra.  However, viewed from the side, it looks more like an energy vortex somewhat resembling the shape of a tornado.  This energy funnel is tight and compact near the surface of the skin, and gradually widens as it extends outside the physical body to the outer edge of the aura.

What will you learn in this class?

A beautiful class on the energy field and our chakra system. This class also includes insightful information about our energetic anatomy, as well as, how to keep our energy field and chakras clean, balanced, and energized. The energy centers are believed to be located along the spine – which is also called the column of light and has specific purposes both mystically and physically.

New Additions in our 2015 Class

1) A chakra cleaning demonstration
2) 5 min personal chakra cleaning within class for all attendees
3) Quartz crystal cleaning stone to carry with you throughout the day
Billie Topa Tate provides a wonderful class of advanced information regarding our chakra system.  She reviews how the chakra system is related to the planets, physical organs, our vitality and our great purpose and so much more.

NCBTMB Approved  Provider 419896-00.  Approved to provide 1.5 Continuing Education Hours for LMT’s





Certification Requirements:

Step 1: Purchase online course
Step 2: Come back to this page and watch course
Step 3: Complete and pass mandatory quiz
Step 4: Receive your certification in your email


After viewing the course, please come back here to complete the quiz:

Begin Certification Quiz Below
a) the heart center
b) the throat area
c) the crown area
d) the stomach
a) located at the base of the spine
b) located at the top of the head
c) not located anywhere
d) located in the hands
a) helps the energy field and physical body be nourished with energy
b) does absolutely nothing
c) causes the body to feel heavy and low energy
d) make you feel like handing out candy
a) looks like a whirling spiral that brings more subtle energy from the environment to designated organs in our body
b) looks like clouds in the sky
c) looks like a ball of energy
d) looks like diamonds
a) The mercury planet
b) The venus planet
c) no planet representation
d) the Neptune planet
a) top of the head
b) feet
c) there is no location for the pelvis chakra
d) pelvis center is the location
a) the column of light energetically is located along the spine
b) the column of light means nothing
c) the column of light is on top of the head
d) the column of light runs out of the hands
a) brings energy along the spine for our energy field
b) does nothing
c) generally the column of light is not in the body
d) makes us hungry


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