Creating a Sacred Altar for Prayer and Meditation DVD Class


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A sacred altar in your home can serve as a focal point for meditation or simply a refuge where you return when you need a spiritual boost. It provides the space to lay down the burdens of your everyday life and just BE.  By dedicating space in your home to spirit, you coach your mind…and your loved ones… to believe that peace, serenity, and connection with your higher self is an ever-increasing priority.

In this class recording, you will learn…

  • A meditation altar is simply an altar upon which rests all of the items you use while meditating.  What you decide to put on your altar is up to you. It is recommended that the altar be simple and uncluttered, with only a few basic items on it.
  • Since meditation is usually done in dim lighting, you may wish to have a candle and matches on your altar, as well as incense, a smudge stick, or scented oils or dried herbs with a calming scent, such as lavender.
  • Crystals or stones that you use during meditation can also be kept on your altar. You might also wish to keep a meditation CD on it such as the Loving Kindness Meditation. Any item that helps you to relax and clear your mind can be placed on your altar.
  • Using the beautiful energies of nature spirits, Native American prayer items, beautiful crystals, and many other wonderful meditation platform designs. Billie Topa Tate provides for us … a great opportunity to learn how to build a wonderful ceremonial altar for prayer or meditation.
  • Billie Topa Tate shares beautiful stories and Apache principles that provides significant background to these wonderful teachings.
  • This class will truly be a wonderful opportunity to learn from a wonderful Native American Teacher who has a vast amount of information to share.


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