Immune Recovery Audio Class




You might find it interesting, that your immune system is the top system that is very important for your body’s wellness.  All the other systems, support immune system  As a general rule, the lymphatic system is the home of the immune system, which is a fascinating system that allows for our body to maintain wellness in all sectors.

The immune recovery class is filled with rare insights about how your immune system not only functions, but thrives, and how we can interact with our immune system that produces vitality, great sense of well-being, not to mention fighting off viruses and bacteria in a powerful way. The more you know about how the body utilizes our thoughts, our actions, and our nutrients the more exciting the healing process is experienced.

Billie Topa Tate will be sharing how to lay the foundation for good health and wellness in a exciting and useful way.

Learn  wonderful information and how you can interact with your immune system, which will produce some very healthy results.

In this class, you will learn…

  • Keeping your C-reactive proteins low
  • Keep blood flowing smoothly
  • Maintain cholesterol under control
  • Maintaining normal blood pressure
  • Keeping the heartbeat regular
  • How oxygen can really help our system
  • Our maintenance and repair cycles
  • Our stem cells
  • How to maintain healthy Cell Wellness

Running time 1 hr. 45 min.


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