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Invocations are the primary mystical  tools of the master who is very aware that everything and every situation has energetic properties at the very nucleus core. It is the nucleus core that holds the key elements of all karma’s, proclivities, urges and tendencies. This nucleus core – energetic property is what Invocations are focused on. These tools are powerful and assist in the dismantling of energetic properties to provide a speedy and powerful transformation of karma, proclivities, urges and tendencies for our clients and ourselves. They often address the emotional aspects of the energy field first and foremost.

Creation Story from Billie Topa Tate: 

Karma Medicine is utilizing the karma invocation guided by Billie Topa Tate. This karma invocation was created from a very old tradition regarding the gift the Creator gave the Nde people (the Apache people) about using our dream time to resolve our past life and present life karma, through a combination of healing words written to access this special energetic connection. The karma invocation is suggested to be listened to every night before sleep time.


What Type’s of Things Can You Place On Our Karma List? A good way to decide what to place on our karma list is to think about what obstacles you are experiencing – here are some good examples:

The karma between me and…….

• My eyes, poor eating habits,  lack of energy, digestive problems
• My heart condition
• My relationships in general
• My fear of speaking in public
• My lack of good self esteem
• My driving habits
• My difficulty with authority figures
• My poverty consciousness
• My boss or my co-worker (their names are good to use but not necessary)
• My alcoholism
• My mothers negative and controlling behaviors
• My partners lack of emotion support , interpersonal skills, spending habits, smoking habits
• My lack of a good exercise program during the week
• My weak breathing patterns


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