Life Habits and New Beginnings Online Class


Running Time: 1 hour 26 minutes


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Energetic new patterns encourages us to trust our intuitive power. This helps us turn the impossible into the possible. Using our advanced energetic focus of our ideal self and what we dream to have then channeling this energy to develop new powerful habits. These new energetic habits improve our outlook on life, helps us feel satisfied and encourages us to trust our floor plan to acquiring our happiness and success.   As a rule stress absorbs energy, learn how to turn that stress around to address obstacles and then focus positive energy on the resolution.

Join Billie Topa Tate to learn some advanced techniques on developing powerful set intentions, reinforcement proclivities, and techniques such as, “Think it, Script it ” and using peripheral tools to reinforce your new habits. This class will help you gather your wishes and desires by using manifestation techniques to help bring them into our lives harmoniously and joyfully.

In this online class, you will learn…

How can this last after time passes and I lose momentum?

Creating momentum is important, maintaining momentum comes from a deep desire to make changes to acquire happiness and good health.   There are techniques within the class to maintain momentum by using nightly invocation, alerts on our smartphones, and much more.

What would I get out of attending this class?

Creating new energetic patterns and energetic goals actually help develop new proclivities and support new patterns. Many studies show that when we are clear about what we want in life (for example – new empowering relationships)  and setting goals toward those desires and dreams will manifest these wonderful desires and dreams.



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