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Reiki and stress

Reiki Phowa Continuing Education Training Video


Running time: 102 minutes

When your purchase is complete come back to this page – you will be set to enjoy your video and download your course materials and quiz.

Product Description

The Reiki Phowa, a wonderful compliment  to your reiki practice.  A beautifully designed  certification class to train reiki students to assist our loved ones  during the time of transition.   The Reiki Phowa helps our loved ones experience divine love and divine light during the death process.

Spirit-Guide-drawingBillie Topa Tate, 8th degree Reiki Master Teacher, Mescalero Apache, wonderfully combined the healing energy of Reiki with Native American and Tibetan principles.

The Reiki symbols, combined with Native American principles and Tibetan philosophies provide synergetic qualities of divine light and other virtuous energies.

A beautifully designed application of healing qualities – very empowering to learn how to apply the Reiki symbols in  truly loving and compassionate application.   Register with a Friend – its good karma.

Also, after successful completion of this program you are eligible to become a Reiki Phowa teacher by doing one on one training with Billie Topa Tate.  Ask about this wonderful additional certification

You will learn..

  • The Four Situations of life where the Reiki Phowa can be applied
  • Hand Positions for the Reiki Phowa
  • The Reiki Phowa Symbols
  • The Soul Star application of Reiki Phowa
  • Beautiful Angel Stories using the Reiki Phowa
  • Wonderfull designed Reiki Phowa Book with Step by step procedures

NCBTMB Approved  Provider 419896-00.  Approved to provide 5 Continuing Education Hours for LMT’s


Certification Requirements:

Step 1: Purchase online course
Step 2: Come back to this page and watch course
Step 3: Complete and pass mandatory quiz
Step 4: Receive your certification in your email

 After viewing the course, please come back here to complete the quiz:

Begin Certification Quiz Below
a) Native American- Tibetan principles and Reiki Energy
b) Only Tibetan Tools
c) Japanese Principles Only
d) Chinese Techniques Only
a) Only people and companion animals that are dying the next day
b) The Four Situations stated in the Reiki Phowa book
c) People who passed away years ago
d) all of the above
a) Reiki phowa invocation- Reiki Symbols process
b) There are no Reiki Phowa tools
c) Only the Reiki Newspaper
d) All of the Above
a) Someone who is dying
b) There are no Reik phowa four situations
c) 4 Situation happens rarely
d) all of the above
a) Anywhere that it is needed
b) Can only be provide as a distant healing treatment
c) In someone’s home
d) Emergency Rooms Only
a) comfort the dying person- but also help the person to experience a beautiful light above the head
b) only helps the family and not the person who is transitioning
c) Only helps fireman that are dying
d) all of the above
a) Billie Topa Tate
b) a group of reiki people
c) The European council of Reiki
d) hospice nurses
a) very important to shine a beautiful light on the top of the head called the crown chakra
b) there is no procedure to place reiki symbols on top of the head
c) a process the reiki people use to have a good travel day
d) all of the above