The Art of Dowsing Training – Level I


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Dowsing is the exercise of a human faculty, which allows one to obtain information in a manner beyond the scope and power of the standard human physical senses of sight, sound, and touch.  If you ever wanted to understand and use dowsing – here is our chance to learn from a master dowser.

Billie is a Master of the Ancient Art of Dowsing, she has developed and uses significant techniques and principles which has guided many of her students to become proficient at the Ancient Art of Dowsing. Billie has received personal training from her close friend and fellow Light worker – Walt Woods, President of the American Dowsing Association.

In this class recording, you will learn…

  • Billie starts at the beginning, providing principles and techniques of Dowsing
  • Building a strong and clear base producing wonderful skills in dowsing
  • Followed by techniques on how to develop your dowsing and reinforce clear and profound results
  • Demonstration of step by step will reinforce all dowsing principles and techniques