Wisdom Awakening Mantra CD


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A mantra is a set of words which may appear to have an immediate meaning, however, when repeating the mantra, the energy of the words start to address the imprints of emotional energy that may be energetically charging our cells with a limitation or a unawareness. This does not allow us to become self-aware or break free from an obstacle in our lives.

Creation Story from Billie Topa Tate:

Billie Topa Tate – Mescalero apache and founder of MSI Wellness Center in Evanston, Illinois. During my training with my wonderful teachers, I have learned and utilize wisdom filled techniques such as, mantra and or affirmations. Both have been used throughout the centuries to focus energy and energetic obstacles that block us from experiencing our peace, happiness and general wellbeing.


The initial instructions regarding using this mantra is to say the mantra 2 – 3 times daily while you are doing something else. The reason for this guideline is…  that part of our mind which involves reasoning might block the process of cleansing our cells of energetic emotions. Therefore, if we do something else while we are saying the mantra, we are keeping that part of the mind busy and allowing the mantra to cleanse our energy field of a limitation or emotional imprint.



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