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Reiki Hands On Training

Dates included in the program: October 2, 16 and 23 All Sunday’s 10am – 3pm (class tuition of $325 pays for all three dates) This is an open to the public training The purpose of this course is to provide attending students working knowledge and hands-on training regarding the Traditional […]

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Men’s Wellness Gathering

A wonderfully specialized men’s gathering designed to provide wellness and a thriving discussion community for those looking for personal growth. Overcome challenges together, receive feedback and create like minded friendship. For hundreds of thousands of years, we humans lived in small groups. Groups of men would hunt and gather and […]

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Sacred Kitchen Sanctuary – Native Methods

How to Create a Kitchen that feeds your body, mind, spirit A beautifully designed series of classes to create a more positive, peaceful, revitalizing and mindful kitchen.  Using indigenous methods, native practices, wellness training and energy techniques to lift our spirit.  Come enjoy establishing a wonderful healing connection with our […]

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Introduction To EFT and Weight Loss Tapping Support

This is a 2 part workshop designed to be open to everyone - Nov 6 & 13 Sunday 10:00 am to 12:00 pm. EFT uses the technique of tapping on one’s own energy meridians while safely tuning in to emotional or physical issues. This process leads to the release of […]

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Natural Crystal Gifts Workshop

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you learned a new exciting way of how to design beautiful special crystal gifts for your family and  friends.   Giving gifts from nature and from your spirit within this class is a unique and wonderful approach  to promote peace, harmony, awareness and thoughtful connections with family and friends.This is a newly designed class regarding how we […]

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Reiki Angels Relationships

This newly designed class brings the knowledge of specific virtuous angels that work with relationships. Here are some great reasons to take this class Learn the history of angels as they relate to the enlightenment of relationshipsExperience a beautiful connection with relationship angelsLearn how to ask for what you need […]

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