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MSI Wellness Center In The News

Meet Billie Topa Tate and Monique Leiser of MSI Wellness Center! Their healing and meditation center has been in Evanston’s Ashland Arts business district for nearly 30 years, and is dedicated to being of service to anyone who is seeking wellness, spiritual growth, mindfulness, and training to build on current healing practices. Click here for the full interview !

Please join us and our guest, Billie Topa Tate, for a show on Spirit Guide Invocations: Seeking Wisdom from Sacred Helpers, and learn how you can connect, and work with, your sacred guides. Connect to the realm of healing and meet your divine helpers through potent energetic writings called invocations. Click here to enjoy the Author Talk!

Theosophical Society of American welcomed Billie Topa Tate – Native Author and Teacher. Topa Tate shared Indigenous knowledge regarding our sacred self and the Relationships all around us! People often think that wonderful relationships are a mystery or something that happens to other people but not to them. But there is a science behind relationships — not just how to find them, but how to make them beautiful and lasting. Click here to enjoy the Theosophical Society recording!

What a fabulous Author Talk with Billie Topa Tate tonight! Introducing her new book called “Spirit Guide Invocations: Seeking Wisdom from Sacred Helpers”, Billie shares wisdom, insight and techniques she was taught by her Apache elders. You will love this talk! Click here to enjoy the Author Talk!

National Podcast ‘Wellness Matters’ interviewed Billie Topa Tate (Mescalero Apache) to discuss, Sacred Native American Practices to Heal Your Life. “Her knowledge that has been passed down for generations is incredible. Her presence is calming yet inspiring. This is one you won’t want to miss” – Heather Caroccio – founder of Wellness Matters. Click here to enjoy the Wellness Matters episode!

Llewellyn Publishing House – New Worlds of Body, Mind & Spirit Since 1901 invited Billie Topa Tate – Native Author & Teacher to share ‘The Journey of the Shaman Sage Women’. The timeless landscape of the Sage Woman crosses the span of energy and time. The forgotten Woman Sage is still quietly waiting within all women. Click here to enjoy the Llewellyn article!

National Publication ‘Natural Awakenings’ sat down with Billie Topa Tate (Mescalero Apache) to discuss Indigenous healing practices, medicinal properties from the plants, meditation and native ceremonies. “I recommend beginning the day with a five-minute morning ceremony that gives thanks to the creator for a beautiful day and invokes our helpers to offer assistance with particular…”- Billie Topa Tate. Click here to enjoy the Natural Awakenings interview!

Billie Topa Tate was featured in Our Evanston magazine as a featured inspiring business owner and Mescalero Apache (Native American) founder of MSI Wellness Center Center. A family owned, female founded meditation and wellness center born in Evanston and established in 1996 over 25 years ago. Read about Topa Tate’s story and journey into making Evanston her home. Click here and turn to page 35 to enjoy the Our Evanston magazine feature!

Billie Topa Tate was radio interviewed by Melissa and Austin from the station US99 during their morning feel good vibes show. Topa Tate shared her Mescalero Apache traditions, insights on October’s Full moon, developing good habits and so much more! Click here to listen to the US99 radio interview!

Billie Topa Tate was featured in the Yoga Chicago Magazine sharing her story of the Apache Traditions and their connection with Yoga and Meditation. The article tells the connection of creating “Sacred Balance” through the Native teachings, breath, meditation and mindful movement. Click here to read the Yoga Chicago Magazine article! 

Billie Topa Tate was interviewed for Voyage Chicago magazine as a featured inspiring business owner. The article explores the unique offerings at the MSI Healing and Wellness Center along with highlights on Billie Topa Tate. Click here to read the Voyage Chicago magazine article!

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MSI Healing and Wellness center was recently covered by the Chicago Tribune’s sister company, Evanston Review. The publication included highlights of the Brand New MSI-Healing building location and services offered!

MSI was interviewed on Unity Online Radio to share her wisdom on how to become a modern mystic. Learn how to tap into your intuitive mystical knowledge and heal past traumas through this interview.

aging info radio

Billie Topa Tate was the expert guest on Aging Info Radio Am560. The topic revolved around Thyroid Awareness Month where Billie discussed natural healing methods in order to align the thyroid healthily. Listen to the Aging Info radio interview here.

massage magazine

Billie Topa Tate, founder of MSI-Healing Center in Evanston was published by Massage Magazine for her expertise in utilizing a tuning fork technique on feet. Read the full article on the Massage Magazine website by clicking here.

unity radio

Billie Topa Tate was interviewed by Rev. Heidi of Unity Online Radio for her knowledge on Indigenous Wellness and being a Native American Healer and Teacher. Learn how to open your intuition by listening to the recording here.

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