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Meditation Teacher Inside the Experience

Inside The Experience of MTT

Curious what the Meditation Teacher Training (MTT) is all about or if it’s right for you? Read as MTT’s from around the Illinois area share about their journey, stories, and most importantly, their advice when it comes to all things Teacher Training.


My experience: “I’ve been meditating for most of my adult life, and use some of the practices with clients in my body work practice. This was a great opportunity to learn more in depth about my own meditation practice, and how to properly teach these life altering techniques.
Wonderful program.”

My Sage Advice: “Don’t let fear get in your way.”


My experience: “I have gained more than one positive thing from this program. One that I will list is greater clarity during meditation, more insights about my life. And really, I have to list at least 2. The second is a more positive mental attitude. I have enjoyed all the material presented in this Training program. Seeing Billie for the one-on-one sessions has been very informative. Since starting this program my personal meditation practice has really changed in a good way.”

My Sage Advice: “You will know if it is right for you as you ask yourself, and if you choose yes be open and willing to soar 🙂 The life of a mystic awaits you.”


My Experience: “I felt this was a natural extension to my Reiki training. The research I had read regarding the benefits of meditation were also an influencing factor. The realization that emotionality is what directs so many people’s lives and how meditation is probably one of the best life practices you can infuse your life with to live a life of balance and clarity.”

My Sage Advice: “I read each of the textbooks 3 times which helped imprint the teachings solidly into my thinking. Each reading gave me greater understanding, clarity and insight.”


My Experience: “I am so grateful to have had Billie as one of my teachers and mentors over the past few years, she has been an incredible source of wisdom, guidance and knowledge for me. I found the training to be everything I had hoped for and more. I feel prepared, and confident that I too will be able to help meditators new and experienced as they grow on their personal paths.”

My Sage Advice: “This is an incredible gift that keeps on giving. Even if you aren’t sure if you want to teach meditation, you will be filled with so much powerful wisdom to enhance your own development, that your light will have a ripple effect throughout the world world. This is a wonderful opportunity to clarify any questions, doubts, or information in regards to meditation you may have as well as a great way to help others learn to cultivate more peace in their lives!”


In our teacher training, you will receive:

Ongoing Communication
Our program is unique in that it provides students with constant communication to answer your questions and encourage ongoing learning.

Flexible Schedule
Our flexible programming gives students the flexibility to learn in the studio but also at home for convenience and comfortability!

Group Support
Our course encourages student collaboration for increased growth, relationship development and to create business support.

Complete Instruction Manual
We provide all students with a comprehensive manual to help ease the understanding and learning process.

Business Advice
In addition to the certification, students also gain valuable business advice to grow their meditation practices.

Individual Attention
We understand that everybody learns at different paces. That is why our program is tailored to your specific needs.

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