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Reiki Cranial Fascia 
July 15th Sunday 10am – 3pm
CE Hours: 5

This powerful and insightful system  will provide  signature techniques and methods as well as a full integration of   extensive experience utilizing mystical anatomy, neurovascular points  and the cranial fascia system.

Reiki 1 2 3 Training



Chakra Cleaning Class
July 29th Sunday 10am – 11:30am
CE Hours: 1.5

A wonderful class of advanced information regarding our chakra system. Our instructor shares how the chakra system is related to the planets, physical organs, our vitality and our great purpose and so much more. Special booklet with advanced techniques, unique tools, and energetic anatomy images

Reiki 1 2 3 Training



Sound Healing Spinal Flush Training
August 26th Sunday 10am – 3pm
CE Hours: 5

During the workshop you will learn the energetic acupuncture points and we will provide you with a step by step manual and work through a table session. As an example, incorporating two spinal flush techniques for lower back and neck pain. Learn the energy theory of tuning forks and the frequencies for the body.

Reiki 1 2 3 Training



Energy Based Healing 
September 23 Sunday 12:30pm – 5:30pm
CE Hours: 5

The symbolic knowledge of Chakras, the cranial bones, our spine, the nadis and meridian system all are wonderfully insightful and very useful within our professional practice.  Experience our “hands-on” lab segment of this wonderful training.   Join us to explore the subtle senses of the energetic world.

Reiki 1 2 3 Training



Hand Reflexology Training
September 30th Sunday 10am – 1pm
CE Hours: 3

Learn the relaxing and unique energetic massage movements for the hands. You will also learn insightful information regarding the energetic properties of hands.  Enjoy our hands on clinical session where you will receive and give a full hand reflexology session.

Reiki 1 2 3 Training



Reiki 1 2 3 Practitioner Training
Summer Session: October 7, 21 and November 4
Sunday’s 10am – 3pm
CE Hours: 15

Our Reiki Levels I, II, III Practitioner training is combined in a three day hands-on program.  Reiki is a Tibetan style of hands-on healing, using healing energy and beautiful Reiki Healing Symbols. Reiki is a technique for stress reduction and relaxation that allows anyone to improve health and enhance the quality of life Enjoy our Reiki 1,2,3 Practitioner Level Training.  This Training Provides 15 Continuing Education Hours

Reiki 1 2 3 Training



Advanced Meditation Training
October 14th Sunday 10am – 1pm
CE Hours: 3

This immersion (deeper study) and training is open to all those seeking to deepen their meditation practice by promoting wisdom, mindfulness and good health. This class is a beautiful opportunity to practice the loving art of meditation.

Reiki 1 2 3 Training



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