Book of Sacred Wisdom – The Writings of a Medicine Women




A beautiful glimpse into the interesting and fascinating world of spirit and energy. Would you like to develop your spiritual practice to a advanced wisdom level? Billie Topa Tate Mescalero Apache and founder of MSI Wellness Center has walked the world of the Medicine woman since the time of her youth. She received more formal training after her rights of passage at 11 years old regarding working with angels and divine helpers.

Walking the energy world of spirit has taught Billie Topa Tate profound information regarding this ethereal world as well as her field work with spirit guides, angels, divine helpers, luminaries, teachers in spirit, our virtuous ancestors, spheres of light and so much more. She combines this knowledge with her additional Native American training of creating sacred intentions and narratives which bring forth their wonderful assistance within our life’s journey.

Billie Topa Tate will help you understand the Spirit World through the eyes of the medicine woman.

This book is about sharing rare teachings and wisdom to transmute our limitations and step into our more enlightened awareness.

*** this is unedited student version

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