The Smudging Ceremony Book: The Apache Guide to The Sacred Smudging Plants



This book provides a rare glimpse into the energy world of the Mescalero Apache. Sharing the power, wisdom and native techniques of the smudging ceremonies. This book will guide and mentor the reader not only to utilize these wonderful energy tools but also to bring the value of these principles and techniques into our life’s journey. The Smudging ceremonies of the Native American involves a strong connection with the Creator. They were given certain plants which were dried and burned to make energetic healing smoke to help make pure their ceremonies and every day life.

There are many books and videos about various smudging techniques however this book shares the true indigenous nature of The Smudging Ceremonies, the timeless methods and practices that can help us in our daily life. Also, the ancestral stories, as to why the Great Spirit gifted these beautiful ceremonies to the Native People.

Billie Topa Tate, Mescalero Apache brings the reader into the wonderful Native American world of healing. She writes and shares ancient stories, powerful smudging practices and wisdom mentoring that has never been shared with the general public before. Within this book you will find applicable and extremely useful smudging ceremonies to clear our homes of negative energy, elevate and restore our spirit, help lift depression, promote harmony and empowers us to use fresh wisdom and fresh energy tools to bring healing into our life. She introduces us to the Green Nation – the plant kingdom and why we use certain ceremonial plants for the Smudging Ceremonies.

Billie invites the reader to understand how to create a sacred sanctuary within our homes, techniques to clean our energy field, protocol to smudge crystals, methods and manners to create and maintain our smudging tools, wisdom and practices to harvest sacred herbs and so much more.

Enjoy this book as a wonderful guide to the healing power of the smudging ceremonies which awakens and celebrates the true spirit of who we are.

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