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Dreams – provide powerful symbolic language revealing  profound insights, guidance and even prophetic information to our life’s journey. Studies have shown that in an 80 year life span, we spend 20 years of that dreaming. We breathe, eat and we dream. The dreaming mind is critical to good health, spiritual enlightenment and more.

Billie Topa Tate is a wonderful Apache Elder who provides her Native American expertise to the Symbology of Dreams which can provide us with more meaningful and wisdom filled aspects of our life’s journey.

In this online class, you will learn…

  • Learn Native Teachings regarding Lunar Rituals to enhance dream time, Moon Time and aspects of Lunar Time.  Gain valuable information about your soul’s purpose through wise navigation of dreams and dream symbols
  • Learn Sacred Teachings of our Dream world, dream symbols, healing dreams, prophetic dreams and how chakras and other energy systems within our mind  body complex relate to dreams. Dream analysis is used within this training program to analyze students dream time and categories of symbols
  • Unique Invocations to enhance advance levels of dream time, and soften constrictive karma. Utilizing advanced techniques to access the Higher Dimensions and their known categories.  Come join us for a beautifully designed, wisdom filled class
  • Learn how to connect with your ancestors,  loved ones, wisdom logs, ancient teachings and  Special Links during Your Dream Time.  Learn how to keep the aura clean to  navigate through dream time.  This is one training class you won’t want to miss

“Like the ripples in a pond,  translation of a dream should flow from its center.  In your dreams as in waking life, you are the center – start by considering and interpreting your position and your role in the dream from the center   – this is the cosmic level or mystical aspect of the dream, the ripples represent the several aspects or levels of your dream in accordance to Personal, Collective and Universal symbols.” – Billie Topa Tate


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