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Steps To Improve Dowsing
Improve upon the principles of dowsing including: how its done, some ideas of how it works based on scientific research, programming your dowsing system for greater accuracy, asking the dowsing questions, some do’s and don’ts when dowsing and how to dowse over 100+ areas on yourself.

Communication With All Things
Are we inter-connected with almost everything? Scientific experiments between humans, plants, animals and machines indicate communication-taking place on many subtle levels. Find out the fascinating things going on in our world, and how this may be related to our dowsing system.

Time Windows and Parallel Worlds
Philosophy of time and the holographic universe we seem to live in. There will be information about what we know concerning time windows or portals, what they appear to be and how to find them. There will be stories of experiences, and some idea of what you might do if accidentally caught in a portal. Dowsing is an important part of this presentation.

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Psycho-kinesis is using the focused mind to move or affect physical objects or conditions, up close or at a distance.  The presentation will be sharing some interesting examples of these psychic phenomena. With personal experiences, observations and descriptions of some scientific experiments. This is a fun and stimulating presentation, one you won’t want to miss.

Noxious Energies & Hormesis Curve
Understand how Noxious energies and their sometime detrimental influence on biological systems. Learn methods for detecting noxious energies using scientific methods or Dowsing. Research labs around the world are examining the effects of many kinds of radiation on biological systems. Findings indicate a careful look at how we work with these noxious energies. Come discover and experience dowsing solutions.

Dowsing the Human Gene
Principles of what a gene is and how it works. Walt will cover some of the very interesting dowsing experiments along with the dowsing programs and methods you could try. Also, some successful experiments and how they are now doing


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