Native American Smudging and Clearing “How To” Online Class


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The “Sacred Smudging Ceremony” is a powerful Native American cleansing technique. Billie Topa Tate includes wonderful personal information about using this ceremony for your viewing and usage. Smudging is a traditional way to remove negativity and energetic congestion. The ceremonial smoke attaches itself to the negative or stagnate  energy and moves it up to the sky for the creator to transmute and bring to healing.

In this online class, you will learn …

  • Smudging can be used to cleanse an object, a place, or our mind, body, spirit. Native Americans often use smudging in association with other ceremonies.
  • Present day usage can include  –  purifying  business contracts, vehicles, special occasions, work area’s, a room or dwelling before moving in.   You can also purify a sacred object such as a crystal, book or special meditation chair or for self-cleansing before meditation, prayer or sleep.
  • Step by step guide to traditional smudging process. The herbs are burned in a small bowl or a shell, such as an abalone shell. The shell represents water, a gift from the ocean. The smoke is distributed with a feather, a gift from our winged friends.
  • Traditional stories, explanation of the four directions, drumming song, how to set your intention and so much more.


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