Oncology Reiki Level 1 Online Class & Learning Materials


running time: 2hr 5 min


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A beautifully designed training for patients and family members who are healing from cancer. Oncology Reiki uses the energy of Reiki to help facilitate the body’s own healing systems by promoting relaxation and deep meditative states. The techniques and applications can be done both chair and table.

In this online class, you will learn …

This technique helps the body facilitate a great sense of balance and peacefulness. This balance and peacefulness has great potential to compliment the healing process. Billie Topa Tate, Reiki Master 8th Degree has designed unique Reiki techniques regarding self care and Reiki table sessions specifically for our cancer patients, family and friends.


*This is an online special price.  To receive the certificate, you must take the class in person for clinical purposes or one on one training Billie Topa Tate. Call our center for details 847-866-0505


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