Free Advance Good Karma Part 2 – Online Class


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Beyond our understanding of heredity and environment is the significance regarding the creative forces of Karma. Billie Topa Tate goes deeper into this world and provides rarely  known sciences and ancient teachings to begin a thorough and comprehensive  study of  this wisdom world  called Karma.  Karma is a mechanism  by which we can understand an action to it fullest capacity and or level of awareness.  In addition  each  student  will  receive a beautiful invocation from Billie Topa Tate.

My Apache ancestors believe that health and the lack of health spring from the totality of a person’s relationship, with the great spirit, mother earth, the person’s brothers and sisters, and one’s own mind body and spirit. -Billie Topa Tate quoted at … Hawaii International Conference on Health and Education

Hone in on your body, mind & spirit’s ability to create a circle of positive light and generate good karma.


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