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The Etheric Enhancement Chantram is a cosmic liquid jewel, transmuting and transforming negative emotions and thought forms through powerful angelic permeations of all particles of being.Use the Etheric Enhancement Chantram to create a sanctuary environment in your home, conducive to relaxation, peace and harmony between your and your loved ones.If you are a healing arts practitioner or giving care to loved one in the hospital, play the chantram to clean and transform the energy in the room and building. Set it to repeat softly in the background and in a very short time everyone in area will feel the difference.Take a copy to the office and play it daily to transform and transmute tension and stress that builds up in the workplace over time. You may find people naturally gravitating to your office space, because it feels so good!

Those of you who are already familiar with this remarkable recording, please email us at and share your experiences with this powerful chantram. We will be happy to post your comments on this page for the benefit of others.


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