Karma Sacred Goals DVD


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Karma is one of our sacred goals each and every year. This will provide all of us a grand opportunity “to go within ourselves” to work on things which we have not had a chance to work on. We can move in the world with great confidence, less stress and even optimize the circumstances because we have a deeper understanding of “the why, the when, and even the how). Your enlightenment calendar and the tools provided for you for this year are simple and yet profound.

In this online class, you will learn …

  • Learn how alchemist interpreted karma & principles behind urges and archetypes
  • Recognize receive deeper teachings of your consciousness and how this relates to karma
  • Learn the language of symbology as used in the deeper teachings of karma
  • Discover the Great Principles and Significance of Karma
  • Learn wonderfully insightful tools to create positive karma and spiritual samskara
  • Understand the Soul’s agreements regarding karma


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