Sacred Breath Sacred Balance Meditation


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Billie Topa Tate traveled and collected wonderful nature and mystical sounds extracted from the sacred mountains of Sedona, caverns, waterways, clouds and tree tops moving in the wind from various sacred regions of Arizona. Topa Tate will guide you through nature, mystical time and healing temples to collect and receive wonderful energy for yourself and others. Experience new healing qualities using spheres of light applied to your energy field. This meditation will not only be enjoyable but helps us take time to energetically launch positive energy into our life.

Creation Story from Billie Topa Tate:

Many moons ago Billie Topa Tate’s teacher shared a pear of wisdom regarding how the future is created. He said “Billie Topa Tate do you know that many people never have new thoughts about themselves and also very seldom have new thoughts about their future… and so today, your homework is to list out at least 5 new thoughts about yourself that will propel you into a positive future.” I was very young at the time and this information was so wisdom filled. I also realized that I too did not have new thoughts about myself that would propel me into a positive and wonderful future. I began to contemplate the various qualities of my thoughts and came up with some wonderful uplifting, realistic and new thoughts about myself. A week went by and began to see great things happening in my life and began to feel uplifted and virtuously excited about my future. I was so inspired by this new insight – I apply this philosophy on a daily basis which has empowered me to do great things in my life. I started thinking fabulous wonderful new thoughts about myself. My mantra to keep me on this path was… “It is not so much how the world views me, it is more important how I view the world and myself – this is makes my world.” My teacher then provided a meditation which help support my new thoughts and also a new way of administering positive healing energy to myself. This meditation was created for you to experience a wonderful and powerful way of experiencing positive and new ways to launch fresh wisdom, new knowledge and new empowering techniques to help support your wishes and dreams.


• The benefits of this meditation is that it will provide wonderful self care time.
• Launch empowering new thoughts about yourself thus mapping out a new exciting course within your life’s journey.
• Provides deep stress reduction, promotes purification of negative thoughts and creates a meaningful practice to act with wisdom and sustain peace.
• Reducing stress and promoting enhanced self-awareness and so much more.

duration of meditation 27 min

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