Time Traveler Future Self Meditation





The Time Traveler – Future Self Meditation is a wonderful and healing meditation that touches a part of the mind to experience a wonderful time traveling journey. This time traveling journey allows us to discover insightful moments of time and space with our future self. Our future self can provide wonderful information about what is happening within our current life and help us bring back insights, wisdom and qualities of energy that may benefit our current situations. This wonderful meditation allows us to gain great value by spending time with our future self to receive qualities, answers, virtuous mentorship and so much more

Creation Story:

Billie Topa Tate received wonderful training from her teachers about the quality and the element of time. Time is a beautiful tool that can be used in many different wisdom filled ways. Many people use time in a linear fashion to move forward, such as, going to work and other forward activities. Did you know that you can use time to go back in time and even take your mind into the future to extract wisdom, information and wonderful qualities that can help you in your life right now.
During Billie‘s training she utilized this valuable meditation to access her sacred self and receive information to assist her in her current life. this is a wonderful way of developing a beautiful connection with that part of you that can provide insight and wisdom in valuable ways.


  • explore fresh wisdom for current situations that are happening in your life
  • experience how ancient mystics used the element of time to gain wisdom
  • gain valuable techniques to resolve stress
  • discover resolution skills for current situations from your future self skills


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