Spirit Intuition Guided Online Meditation


running time: 16 min

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Learn about how to trust your tools as teachers and yourself to access your correct and precise assessments with your psychic abilities. Within this energetic mindfulness meditation is the principal she calls “the law of economy” the law of economy states; if we utilize our energy for a higher purpose other than ourselves that a tremendous amount of energy flows through us from the universe to assist in this process.

Creation Story from Billie Topa Tate:

Billie Topa Tate leads us in a wonderful energetic meditation which was extracted from our ‘Spirit Intuition‘ class in 2017. In the Spirit of Intuition class she talks about the inner self, the outer self, the higher self and how important it is to clear certain aspects of our energetic field to be able to use our psychic tools.


Using Our Spirit Intuition Teachings: We begin the meditation to clear our energy field, specifically our inner self as well as outer self and also our crown chakra then send this wonderful energy to the world and to all leaders in the world to assist them in facilitating virtuous energy. Enjoy a wonderful experience of cleaning the inner and outer self,  the crown chakra and also to help the world in a good way.



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