Time Traveler Past Meditation





This meditation practice is wonderful and unique using a special part of your consciousness to take you back in time to the past. Specifically, to spend sacred time with your “past self.” This unique experience will provide the qualities wisdom, support, love, healing and guidance to your past self. Thus, lifting past imprints from your energy field and promoting a lighter then air experience to your aura. Billie will guide you to facilitate special healing energy through powerful techniques and time element concepts that truly help you explore the time traveler element in such a powerful way.

Creation Story

Billie Topa Tate received training from her teachers to use the element of time in powerful and wisdom filled ways. The element of time for most people is used predominately in a foreword motion but did you know you can travel to the future and also to the past to lift energy and provide support to your past self, thus healing the past in such a profound manner.


– Explore the element of time and why the Creator provide the quality of time
– Experience a beautiful exchange of healing energy with your past self
– Learn how to travel in time and help remove energy imprints regarding past stress
– Discover how the energy field and certain parts of our mind carries energy that block our happiness


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