Universal Laws Program


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The Universal Laws I Program

The World of The Ancient Mystery Schools

The Science of Empowerment and Teaching the Matrix of Esoteric Sciences.

MSI Wellness Center is honored to present – Billie Topa Tate – Legendary Founder of  the renowned MSI. An educational Institute which presents the sacred principles, doctrines and teachings regarding many of the ancient wisdom’s around the world. Using the ageless wisdom books from the oldest and most interesting libraries, Billie uniquely shares her training, Native teachings, clairvoyance and deeper philosophies, opening the student to the mystical sciences and placing these sciences into practice thus developing the student’s unique and wonderful abilities.

In The Universal Laws Program, You Will Learn:

Learn how the Universe works through the Human Kingdom, its beauty and its science. Sacred Spaces & Personal Feng Shui

The Science of Karma. Principles of softening karma.  What is Karma? What is its purpose?

Mystical Anatomy regarding the psychic faculties. Solar and Cosmic wind as it relates to esoteric astrology See the human energy field during our experience practice.

Our Energy Field, thought fields and how they affect our auric field

The Psychic, Telepathic, Clairvoyant senses, the opening of the third eye teachings, techniques to enhance your faculties.

Discover how other beautiful healing kingdoms work with the human kingdom.

Reincarnation, past lives, stages of reincarnation and how this relates to your rebirth.

The Science and value of meditation, mantras, mudras. Yogic breath to promote good health and good karma.

Learn about Life After Death, Tibetan and Native Teachings, and principles of the Bardo.

Sacred Teachings of our Dream world, Dream symbols, Dream Analysis, Prophetic Dreams, Healing Dreams, Dream links, how do they work

The series is a collection of 16 cd’s – over 250 hours of esoteric teachings, advance techniques, traditional Native American (Apache) oral traditions and so much more with Billie Topa Tate.


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