Beautiful Aura Technique DVD & Handout


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A brand new and wonderful lecture filled with beautiful mystical techniques on how to design, and maintain a beautiful Aura will be presented by Billie Topa Tate.

The Human Aura is a colorful energetic field that emanates from the body and extends several feet out from the physical body. The Human Aura, also known as the human energy field is filled with an abundance of information from the past, present and future. People often respond to what is in our energy field whether we are just walking down the street or making direct conversations with people.

In this class recording, you will learn…

  • The Power of Words -Using empowering words within our Aura
  • The Power of Images – Using images of great memories from the past
  • The Power of Future Images – Using future images of what you want in the future and placing them in your aura, like gems shining brightly


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