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Hello and Greetings… this is Billie and I am very grateful to spend this time with you.   The Gayatri Mantra was recorded during a window of cosmic time which enables the  mantra to cross the bridge of time – accordingly restoring  the subtle energies surrounding your living space to their divine placement, thus turning your living space into a rejuvenating sacred sanctuary. Sharing this eternal and luminous cosmic experience. This mantra can be used for meditation or etheric cleansing. Again, thank you for sharing your time with me and the mystical sciences institute. Welcome…….

The Gayatri Mantra

An awakened life is precious  and uncommon wisdom from everyday experiences.   The treasure within any of teachings is in the substances we saturate ourselves with.  This leads us to the ageless truths of looking inside our own mind and our own world. The path has been traveled by many great souls before us, and it is now up to us to travel this path. Cultivate wisdom, compassion and observance. If you are someone who searches the great discovery, the great mystery which permeates all living substances then realize this great harmony and discover the noble heart of all existences.

When even for a moment we expand this great compassion and reside in the virtue of our human self – we have found the noblest of hearts and pervade the cosmos of all existences with this great noble heart. Through this noble heart we find the right view, and the right diligences. To arrive at the place of great light, stop chasing so many things (the karmas and chaos). Be still and know the essences of the maha anti (the grand knowing).

The greatness of the Gayatri Mantra has been hailed as the mother of all mantras.   The Gayatri mantra burns away all the layers of impurities covering the mind, we have accumulated these residues through countless births. The Gayatri Mantra is the essence of all seventy million mantras. Just as all waters and rivers merge in to the oceans …..all mantras unite in the Gayatri mantra.

The Brahma Muhurta is a sacred package of time between 3:30 – 4:30am. This is the best time for creating the substance of your day – achieving the fulfillment of spirituality.

The advance teaching for this mantra can be given by your spiritual teacher, for now chant the mantra at the heart center bringing it up to the crown (the top of the head).


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