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IET stands for Integrated Energy Therapy, literally integrating the healing energy of the angels into a hands on therapy. Angel energy is the energy of compassion and love.  IET is for everyone who wants to learn more about energy medicine and energy flow. This 8 hour training course is not only for Licensed Massage Therapists (LMTs) but also for Moms, dads, nurses, and teachers. Everyone can benefit from this gentle self-care tool.    These techniques work because they are so gentle, loving and easy. You can just relax and let the angels do the work.

 What you will learn in the IET training course at MSI Wellness Center:

  • The 9 cellular memory centers. These are similar to the chakras and aligned with acupressure points. These points hold energy and these energies can be either restrictive or expansive. For example: The shoulder point. In this system, the restrictive energy is the should(s) and the shouldn’t(s) carrying the weight of the world or burdens.
  • The expansive angel energy is Faith and Freedom it brings. The healing energy of freedom releases the shoulders and lightens your burdens.
  • You will receive an attunement to the Angelic Violet Ray. The attunement is a gentle process where you receive energy and information that empowers you to do this angel healing on yourself and others.
  • How to practice and learn an easy step by step process to connect to the heart of the angel and channel this wonderful energy of compassion.
  • A 10 minute empowerment for your own healing. This 10 min. angel empowerment can easily be done daily to promote peace and loving kindness.

An added bonus to the IET Course:

The best part of the class is that you will be enabled to give and receive a full IET session. The angels remind us that giving is receiving. So just relax and allow the angels do the work.  You get to relax on the table and receive a full session followed by your turn to practice your skills and give a session as well. It is so fun and relaxing and empowering.

Angel medicine is so gentle, so joyful, so loving and it is for everyone.

I have been working in the healing field for 17yrs as a massage therapist and yoga teacher and about 8 yrs ago, I added energy medicine to my practice. First with Reiki and more recently the angel medicine, IET. – IET Master Teacher – Jill Kempner

Feel free to contact MSI with any and all questions to see if this course is for you now.
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Watch a video from Jill Kempner inviting you to join her for IET Training.

All are welcome. All are known. All are loved. – Angel Message.

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