What is Oncology Reiki Training?

A beautifully designed training for patients and family members who are healing from cancer. Oncology Reiki uses the energy of Reiki to help facilitate the body’s own healing systems by promoting relaxation and deep meditative states.    The techniques and applications can be done both chair and table.

This technique helps the body facilitate a great sense of balance and peacefulness. This balance and peacefulness has great potential to compliment the healing process. Billie Topa Tate, Reiki Master 8th Degree has designed unique Reiki techniques regarding self care and Reiki table sessions specifically for our cancer patients, family and friends.

 Learn how to administer …

  • Reiki during the chemo therapy session
  • Reiki to ” Port ” locations
  • Reiki to areas of pain from chemo treatments
  • Oncology reiki to the emotional energy field to help infuse the qualities of hope, faith, and a general sense of well being
  • Oncology reiki to the other energetic properties of cancer patients to help alleviate fear, stress, anxiety
  • Oncology reiki to modify general thoughts which cause anxiety

Learn how to understand, help and use…

  • Understand the energetic anatomy of cancer patients
  • How to mentor cancer patients on reiki self care respective to their cancer and cancer treatments
  • How to help with specific discomforts regarding cancer treatments
  • How to use a Reiki blanket during treatments
  • How to use oncology reiki breath during chemo treatments
  • How to use oncology reiki to set energetic intentions during doctor visits and sleep time What will you be bringing back to your clients from this class?

Students will learn energetic philosophies regarding cancer patients which help focus healing positive energy.Students will learn energetic anatomy which helps oncology reiki practitioners to apply reiki to stress points within their clients to help alleviate pain and anxiety.

What specific techniques will you learn?

Students will learn Reiki hand placements and enhanced reiki techniques to facilitate soothing Reiki energy to alleviate  pain, create comfort in areas such as  ” Ports for chemotherapy ”  digestive problems,  chemo discomforts and sore areas from injections.    Also,  Oncology Reiki Practitioners  will learn Reiki Dream time therapy to help cancer patients establish a wonderful healing energetic connection.

How would your patients benefit from this type of work?

Clients can experience relief within the following categories …

Helps alleviate physical and emotional discomforts, pain, fear, and other stress points related to their cancer and cancer treatments.   Helps the cancer patient get more involved in their own energetic self care.    In Billie Topa Tate’s field work, she has observed cancer patients feel empowered to facilitate more beneficial emotions toward their well being.

Cancer patients also are shown how to administer a set intention during their cancer treatments. Helping tap into their own healing energies to enhance their cancer treatments.


3 Continuing Education Hours with NCBTMB Approved Provider #419896-66.  pre-requisite is to have a general knowledge of Reiki. Call for details 847-866-0505


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