What is a Reiki Practitioner and what do they do?

Reiki is an ancient healing modality which allows the practitioner  to assist in bringing balance to the energy field (Aura) thereby allowing the physical body to begin healing in a natural way.

Reiki is a Universal Energy that has no time or space constraints and can be used to send healing to anyone, any time or anywhere.  Students are attuned to Reiki Symbols which add strength to the flow of reiki energy as the body’s energy field regains balance.


Universal energy connects each of us to all that is around us. Every living being is connected to the universal energy and each one of us has our own unique frequency. Positive thoughts keep our frequency high, as well as leading a healthy lifestyle, allows you to have and keep a healthy frequency. Positive energy for example, being Happy or in Love is a way our frequencies reach a much higher level. When we live in a state of negativity, lack of exercise or by eating unhealthy food we lower our energetic frequencies. Another way to lower your frequency, is by using products with chemicals, drinking alcohol or taking drugs as choices do not allow the body to have high frequency.

Our life is a reflection of our inner and outer energy.  In other words our thoughts, what we do to and put into our physical body.  We are responsible for our energy frequency by the choices we make.

Here are 7 simple things that we can do to assist our energy field in keeping our frequency as high as possible:

 Try one of these at a time.   Integrate one into your day to day life and become aware of any changes that may occur.  Do this with love and patience for your body as it becomes safe with each new change.

  1. BECOME AWARE OF YOUR BREATH AND BREATHING PATTERNS.   When you are anxious or fearful focus on expanding your breath.  Use an expansive breath to change an Old Pattern and begin a New Pattern.   Deep controlled breathing.   Awareness and Focus with patience. This is a great way to raise your energetic frequency.
  2. BEGIN A MEDITATION PRACTICE.  Meditation just 15-20 minutes 3 to 5 times a week will make a significant change in your daily life and raise your energetic frequency.  Meditation is the practice of quieting and focusing the mind.  By sitting in a comfortable position, becoming aware of your breathing: slow, deep and rhythmic will allow for stress release as well as a feeling of great calm and peace.  The Timelessness is a wonderful 10 min. breath meditation, click here.

  3. ADD EXERCISE TO YOU DAILY ROUTINE.  Walking for 20 to 30 minutes is a great way to start.  Or look for a class to join:  Yoga, Zumba whatever sounds fun to you. Enlist a family member of friend to accompany you.

  4. GO OUT IN NATURE.  Take time to go to your favorite spot in nature: Beach, Park, Zoo, The Farm and use all your senses:  Sight, Smell, Hearing, Feelings, Tasting to raise your energetic frequency. You will find a sense of peacefulness and see the BEAUTY all around you.

  5. FEED YOUR BODY NATURAL, ORGANIC, CHEMICAL FREE FOODS.  Keep you frequency high by purchasing and consuming only natural, chemical free items.  This includes the food you put into your body and the daily items you use on your body. From the fruits and vegetables you eat to the perfume, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, nail polish, makeup used on your body, just to name a few everyday items in our lives.
  6. SEE LIFE’S BEAUTY AND ENJOY THE SMALL THINGS.  Our lives have become so busy and full with all sorts of activities.  You need to give yourself permission to take time to really enjoy life by slowing down.  Set aside all your stressful thoughts for a short time to renew you energy field and raise your frequency.  You will have a new calmer perspective when you return to your every day, everything will be waiting for you.

  7. JOURNAL YOUR THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS. Begin writing/typing your thoughts, feelings, questions, concerns, fears, hopes and dreams.  Do this without and judgment about what you write, just release the thoughts from your conscious mind.  As humans we judge ourselves and have self talk that can be negative.  When we become aware and release these thoughts our energetic frequency raises.


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