Modern Mystic

Oncology Reiki

Cost of Class: $95       Date: December 7th Sunday   Time: 12:30 – 3:30pm

A beautifully designed training for cancer patients and family members who are healing from cancer. Oncology Reiki uses the energy of Reiki to help facilitate the body’s own healing systems by promoting relaxation and deep meditative states.    The techniques and applications can be done both chair and table.
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Special Heated Mantra Meditation

Cost of Class: $25    Date: December 14th Sunday  Time: 12:30 – 200pm

Fabulous new Special Heated Mantra Meditation

Would you like to release your self from financial stress? This is a special heated mantra meditation will be guided and focused on removing financial imprints on our past and open our selves to prosperity.
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Sacred Predictions for 2015

Cost of Class: $55       Date: January 1 Thursday  Time:

Your teachers for 2015 Sacred Predictions ; Native Predictions – Billie Topa Tate, Tarot Predictions- Janet Berres and Astrology Predictions – Dawn Silver.

As the Heavens open a wonderful window of time for sharing our powerful upcoming 2015. Insightful glimpses into the mystical gifts of 2015.  Also, all attendees receive a mystical month by month astrological book of all the auspicious planetary movements and how to use them – your gift for attending this lecture.
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