Christmas Day ‘Lift Our Spirits’ Inspirations from Billie Topa Tate

Warm Greetings and Happy Holidays,

Celebrate new holiday rituals for the Holidays.  Our holiday can be filled with our beautiful intentions and also building new practices to enhance our holiday.  Infusing our holiday with a great energy to lift our spirit.  Christmas isn’t canceled unless we decide it is.  Start new traditions by celebrating beautiful new holiday rituals for your family, however you define it.

Here’s some things that I recommend for this holiday season …

Light a candle and let the day begin.  Always start your wonderful day by lifting our spirit and setting a beautiful intention for our day. Use a beautiful fragrance such as organic sweet grass, wild harvested cedar or beautiful Lemon Verbena.  Christmas morning get the magic started and light a beautiful pine scented candle and make a prayer for yourself and your family, just make sure not to leave it unattended and turn on some beautiful holiday music if you like.  Acknowledge that the day is a special one and the sparkling up your regular coffee or tea with whipped cream or mark the Christmas day with homemade beverage treats.

Share your special holiday foods – Enjoy a Grab & Go.  Make a wonderful Christmas meal and surprise a family member by dropping some off for them by the front door and then give them a call and let them know there is a surprise waiting for them at the front door. Some people are doing a “grab and go” which means everybody shares their favorite dessert or side meal and puts it in fun bags and friends pick it up at your front door and leave something for you

A Christmas Special Journal. Christmas Journal – Start a family or friend journal where everyone writes or send a text message regarding their wonderful intention or prayer for this Christmas holiday it’s such a special thing to do and then have a family member or friend read it into a recording that everyone receives for the holidays.

Christmas lights in the neighborhood.  As dusk falls, take a walk around the neighborhood to see all the Christmas lights and enjoy the wonderful decorated trees through along the way. Bring your favorite beverage and enjoy seeing all the beautiful lights and decorations

Enjoy “A Christmas Carol“ production.  Free from the Goodman theater, it’s so special they took time to record the entire production and provided this production free this year. You can access it on their website and listen to it with family members sharing a wonderful production to launch your Christmas Eve and holiday

Festival light Drive Thru.  Do a drive-through with your car and your family to see the Holiday lights in various locations. Northbrook has a wonderful drive through holiday light show as well as Great America and many other local festive light drive throughs for your family this year. Reach out to Chamber of Commerce or Google local drive thru light festivals.

Enjoy a Family or Friend Video Gathering.   Do a video check-in with any loved ones or friends and open presents together, if that’s a tradition that makes you feel good. Another easy way to connect with friends and extended family, you can host a group viewing of a classic holiday movie. The Teleparty app works with multiple streaming services, like Netflix and HBO Max (which is owned by AT&T’s Warner Media, parent company of CNN), while Amazon, Disney+ and Hulu all have their own group-watching features for subscribers. Also to a company holiday movie watching create a nice bowl of your favorite popcorn with freshly grated Parmesan to enjoy the holiday season.

Remember, there are so many wonderful opportunities to have precious moments.  The universe has given us this time to enjoy and to value the time we have with our loved ones and ourselves. We wish you the most wonderful holiday and we look forward to seeing you soon.

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Many blessings from our family to yours,
Billie Topa Tate – Mescalero Apache & Founder of MSI Wellness Center
Mama Little Wolf – Mescalero Apache & Loving Elder of MSI Wellness Center
Monique Little Doll – Mescalero Apache & Manager of MSI Wellness Center

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