Feng Shui Guidelines For Your Home, Office or Business

The Beautiful and Ancient System of Feng Shui has helped people harness universal forces and lead lives rich in good health, wealth and happiness.

Feng Shui practice can be applied to almost every facet of the living and working condition. It has to do with enhancing the energies of the surrounding environment as well as the immediate living and working space. It functions on the premise that if one lives- breathes, sleeps, sits, eats, and works – surrounded by healthy, vibrant energy, then one will be enveloped by an aura of good vibrations that attract excellent or healthy success.   On the other hand, if one is shrouded by bad energy or constrictive energy, the environment brings constrictive or unhealthy outcomes.

10 Feng Shui Guidelines For Your Home, Office or Business

  1. Create a separation between the entrance foyer and the rest of the interior space. Transition time is needed from the exterior world into our homes.
  2. Provide clear-cut pathways both within each room and from room to room. Distinct passageways make one fell secure.
  3. Represent nature in your home with the five elements; water, fire, metal, wood, earth. These remind us of our connection to the whole earth and they nurture a sense of well-being.
  4. Have important seating areas in your home facing windows that look east or south. Sunlight promotes optimism.
  5. Arrange your bed so that you can see any person who enters the room without having to turn your head more than 45 degrees. You do not want to be startled when you are trying to relax.
  6. Furnish your home with both yin lines (curved) and yang lines (straight). A combination of masculine and feminine lines will create balance.
  7. Make provisions for both intense and soft lighting with in each room. Lighting can create appropriate atmospheres.
  8. Separate the food preparation area from the front door. Kitchens too close to the front door invite overindulgence.
  9. Use high chi colors like red, purple, fuchsia and russet judiciously in conversation areas. These colors can excite, aggravate and energize.
  10. Keep your home in optimum condition. Your home’s health mirrors your own.

Negative energy can linger anywhere – curtains, clothes, and people. Here is a perfect way to clear the icky feeling from whatever it is.  Also perfect to play in your child’s room (or in a family/conference room) while they are away.

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