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As summer is fast approaching, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about a semi-controversial subject….the sun! Worshiped by Aztecs and later by extreme tanning
enthusiasts, the glowing orb that fuels our little planets energy systems, is a vital part of
the human body’s well being.
I am not advocating exposing yourself continuously to the harsh UV rays of the sun until
your skin is either burnt to a crisp or cured as a leather, but what I am saying is that
sunlight in moderation is not only good for you, but necessary for optimal well-being.

How UVB Rays Are Good For You:

The UVB rays in the sun (the very same rays that cause sunburn) cause the body to
synthesize a certain chemical, that is present in the skin, into Vitamin D. Vitamin D
actually works in the body as a hormone. It helps the body with the absorption of
calcium and phosphorus. Vitamin D also helps protect the body from autoimmune and
certain female organ cancers. It also helps with mood regulation, one of the reasons
people often suffer from SADD is due to the lack of sunlight in the winter months.

Ways To Get Your Daily Vitamin D:

While there are many factors that prevent people from getting the vitamin D necessary
from the sun alone (sunscreen, fully covered in clothing, smog, etc), it is important to
accept this simple gift mother nature has to offer and try to spend 15 min a day in the
unfiltered light. For any deficiencies of vitamin D, there are lots of fortified foods and
supplements. If you are worried that you may be deficient in vitamin D, you can always
ask your doctor for a simple blood test to find out.

Vitamin D Healthy SummerSo get outside and enjoy the weather! And remember, the simplest sun protection,
comes from what you eat. Eat the rainbow, getting full antioxidant support to fight off
free radicals.

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About the Author:

nutrional healthy eatingLeslie Kemp, CHHC. I have been actively involved in the health and wellness industry for over 15 years. I graduated from The Desert Institute of the Healing Arts in 2000 as a massage therapist.  This journey led me to also study aromatherapy, Thai bodywork, and Reiki. In my quest for studying and sharing healing modalities the missing component in my tool belt seemed obvious.  Hippocrates said it best, “Let food be they medicine and medicine be thy food.” So I attended the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. During my training, I studied over 100 different dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques, and innovative coaching methods with some of the world’s top health and wellness experts.

I am a member of The International Association for Health Coaches. In my practice, I work with women who have lost their spark to help them get their sass back by empowering them to make lifestyle choices that will allow them to thrive.

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