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Professional exfoliation helps activate your cell renewal keeping your skin fresh and young.

One of the skins functions is to naturally exfoliate dead skin cells. We have five layers to our skin, the base layer is very hydrated and plump. As that cell pushes to the surface, it dries out and eventually exfoliates off the skin. This is called the cell renewal process. When we are young, our cell renewal is rapid. As we age, it slows down. Getting facials activates your cell renewal forcing fresh cells to the surface promoting healthy looking skin.

benefits of exoliationThe Benefits of Exfoliating Your Skin:

  • Clean follicles allows for your skin to absorb the wonderful products.
  • Fresher skin cells at the surface allows products to penetrate deeper into your skin maximizing the most out of your skin care system.  By not exfoliating, you risk the product sitting on the surface of your skin instead of being absorbed.
  • Hydrating your skin and re-balancing your acid mantle protects your skin from the harsh weather.
  • Hand and foot treatments will help release tension from the day.
  • Warm towels will relax muscle tensions in your face and décolleté area.
  • Gain insight on stress relieving tips to incorporate into your lifestyle.
  • Changing the way you view yourself by putting yourself first.

Skin has a mixture of water (sweat) and oil leaving your skin PH slightly acidic. This is called your acid mantle. It’s function is to keep bacteria out and moisture in. When your skin is compromised by weather, diet, hot showers or harsh products, your acid mantle can be stripped letting moisture out and bacteria in. Your body makes adjustments throughout the season adapting to environmental stresses; however, too much activity can be difficult for your skin to keep up.

Your face is the most exposed and most visible feature on your body. It is important to maintain the health and look of your skin.  Keep your skin glowing, fresh and happy this winter season and book a facial today.

About the author:

Amanda Peloquin is one of the leading experts in Esthetics for the Chicago land area. She has been a practicing Licensed Esthetician since 2001 and during that time has been contacted repeatedly for her expertise in skin care. She is now servicing clients at MSI Wellness and Healing Center.

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