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If you sense a loss of meaning and identity, your Crown Chakra may be unbalanced. Sahasrara is a bridge to the cosmos, it is a spiritual connection, and through it you can reach your higher potential. It is the energy of knowledge and enlightenment  The Crown Chakra is often described as a slowly blooming Lotus flower, as the involvement of the spirit during life.

The crown chakra governs many organs, glands and systems of the body such as the brain, the nervous system, and the pituitary gland.  The crown chakra directs the energy of a certain part of yourself which is commonly called the Higher Self and embraces you within its protective light making you feel secure and healthy. You will be open to accepting love and wisdom from your higher self and you will be filled with the energy of the divine spirit. The spirit will guide you and inspire you with all the things you should do. A balanced crown chakra will keep you spiritually connected with the spirit.

Crown chakra meaning

The seventh chakra is referred to as:

  • Crown chakra
  • Sahasrara
  • Shunnya
  • Niralambapuri

The Sanskrit name “Sahasrara” is sometimes used to designate the seventh chakra. It can be translated as “Thousand petals”.

Crown chakra color

The crown chakra is most commonly represented with the color white, although it can also be depicted as deep purple. The auric color of crown chakra energy can also be seen as gold, white, or clear light.

The beauty of “enlightenment” is that it does not require the attainment of exogenous things we lack; it is about remembering the knowledge we’ve always had and taking comfort in knowing we always will. Most meditative practices work to quiet “roof-brain chatter” (at the crown of the head) that inhibits our innate ability to hear our inner voice. That voice is always speaking, softly, reminding us what we need and how may obtain it. Through meditation, we move inward into stillness and quiet, and we listen.

Crown Chakra Affirmation:

 “I am complete and one with the divine energy”

Using Reiki to Unblock the Crown Chakra

While healing the crown chakra, a Reiki practitioner will relate it to the color violet or white. As with any chakra, Reiki practitioners each have their own way of working with this chakra. Below is just one method.

  1. Relax comfortably
  2. Draw the Power Symbol
  3. Intend for the crown chakra to expand, for the highest good
  4. Draw the Emotional Symbol
  5. Relax and feel the tranquility
  6. Follow your intuition on what symbols to use next, if any – or just continue to relax, envisioning your crown chakra opening up and expanding

To learn more watch the Beautiful Aura Technique…

Beautiful Aura Technique

Beautiful Aura Technique Online Video

Running Time: 1hr 20 minutes
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The aura is the electromagnetic field that surrounds the human body (Human Energy Field-HEF) and every organism and object in the Universe.

The Human Energy Field as a collection of electro – magnetic energies of varying densities that permeate through and emit or exit from the physical body of a living person. These particles of energy are suspended around the healthy human body in an oval shaped field. This “auric egg” emits out from the body approximately 2-3 feet (1 metre on average) on all sides. It extends above the head and below the feet into the ground.

What will you learn in this video?

A beautifully designed class about our auric field and how our energy field.  Mystical techniques on how to design, and maintain a beautiful aura.  the human aura also known as the human energy field is filled with abundant information regarding our past, present and future.  people respond to what is in our energy field.

Billie provides a wonderful series of templates to develop and maintain a beautiful aura.

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