How to Meditate In Emergencies by Billie Topa Tate

Warm Greetings Busy Mystic,

Just like our immune system our energy field can be strengthened and even educated to maintain wonderful qualities of energy.  We will cover some insightful techniques during our Thursday class, ‘How to Develop Energetic Boundaries‘.   Enclosed within this narrative are some wonderful techniques that can help us create a peaceful energy within our aura.

During these difficult times of stress we often forget self care practices.  It is very important to find ways of using energetic techniques to intervene and provide opportunities for not only self care but wisdom filled practices.  This will help our body and mind to stay in a more productive place and strive for happiness and peace.

Here are some additional  techniques to  quickly move into a  peaceful place during crisis, trauma and stressful activities.

1) The Panic Diffuser 
One of the most simple and powerful techniques used by advanced meditation practitioners is known as the panic and or worry diffuser. This is also sometimes referred to as the thought and emotion stopping technique.

First, if you find that you’re going into panic during a crisis – do the following – sharply say to your mind “STOP”. Use a very loud internal voice so that your mind sees you mean business. If it’s possible and you are by yourself , say it out loud.  After you say “STOP”. focus on your breath. Breathe in through your nose and then release the breath through the mouth ( this will relieve the tension ) relax your shoulders and then breathe in through your nose slowly as if you are at the ocean and as you exhale- exhale slowly through the mouth while relaxing your jaw, your shoulders, your neck and your spine. Continue the breath and now breathe in and out of your nose.

Once you have calmed down and can think more productively, continue what you’re doing by moving to tend to whatever needs to be done.

2) Heart Center Intervention
Your heart center has a vibration that will help you during the times of emergencies and crisis. This technique is simple and powerful and will help you even when you’re trying to get projects done.

Place your less predominate hand on the middle of your chest focusing on your heart if you like you can place both hands one on top of the other on the heart center. The next thing is allow for your breath to shift into the heart imagining healing light coming from your heart and emanating out from the chest into the entire body. Focus on the heart center like a sphere of light. Let it emanate out to the entire body as you do this allow for the breath to come in through your nose then exhale through your mouth a couple of times and then coming back to a few moments of syncing your breath with the rhythm of a peaceful soft slow beat of your heart.  Inhaling and exhaling through your nose.

As you calm down invoke to have wisdom as you move forward to resolve whatever is in front of you

These are wonderful tools to help you during an emergency or crisis. Remaining calm and centered is the most important energy for any crisis or stressful situation.

If we create energetic boundaries every day we will go into that sacred breath that will allow us to do what we need to do but not in a stressful way.

Join me this Thursday June 25th for a wonderful class on learning how to develop and understand our own personal energetic boundaries.  Click HERE to learn more about the class.

Wakan Tankan Nici Un
May The Great Spirit Walk With You
Billie Topa Tate- Founder
Mescalero Apache

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