Journey Into Gentleness with the Angels

This year, 2015, is the year of the ‘heart center’ and getting to know yourself better. What better way to do that then to invite the energy of gentleness into your life with the help of the angels.

Gentleness is a soul quality that is part of our nature. But our karmas of self judgment and harshness can block the flow of our natural state of gentleness. The angels in this upcoming course Healing Angels of the Energy Field, can create a bridge for us to return to the space of peace and calm within.

The Benefits of Gentleness:

Everyone and everything can benefit from energy of gentleness. Gentleness reminds us to slow down, breathe deep and take it easy. It allows us the space to take good care of our bodies and minds.

The angels have told me time and again that gentleness is the best medicine. Gentleness washes away pain and suffering by helping us to see ourselves through the eyes of love.

About our course: Healing Angels of the Energy Field Meditation with Jill Kempner

Each week we will connect with a awesome angel that has a healing gift to offer. Thru a simple and gentle Heartlink process, we connect directly to the heart of the healing angel and receive energy and information for our highest good.  The doorway to the heart is gratitude and gratitude opens us to being gentle w ourselves and each other. Gentleness is a gift from our soul and serves to soften our relationships, esp w our own bodies and minds.

If you are interested in cultivating more gentleness in your life this year, then this 5 week meditation with the angels is for you.

Simple steps to connect your heart with the angels…

  1. Placing your hands on your heart and inhale
  2. As you exhale, feel into any hardness or tension that may be present
  3. Breathe in filling your heart w gentleness and the angels love
  4. Breathe out, relaxing your shoulders, letting tension melt away

Healing Angels of the Energy Field Meditation Series Jill Kempner

In this course, we will:

  1. Offer a prayer of invitation
  2. Establish an angelic heartlink
  3. Experience the angels presence, practicing discernment

This is a 5 course series running every Thursday’s 7:00pm – 8:30pm beginning January 29, 2015


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About the Instructor:

Jill Kempner
Jill Kempner has been in the healing field for 15 years. She works as a massage therapist and yoga teacher integrating the love and wisdom of Reiki and the angels into all her healing sessions and classes. Jill loves working as an IET Master Instructor and connecting with the angelic realm because their offerings of love and compassion is the true healing power.

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