How Master Teachers Use Time Gate Karma…

A old and wise Sage said… timing is everything…   Just like some aspects of weather can be beneficial to resolving our energy levels, so it is, that the heavens and constellations of stars and planets can provide us with powerful waves of energy conditioned to help us with softening or eliminating our karma.

Time Gate Karma Resolution –  is a more advanced wisdom filled technique used by master teachers to eliminate and or soften constrictive aspects of karma.

During our class I will be presenting the advanced teachings of using the planets and their strong powerful positions and energies to transform deeper aspects of personal karma.

I will also provide information regarding the mystical symbols of the full and new moon, as well as, using the constellations of the heavens when they are in retrograde and which simply but powerful positions are more advantageous to use in resolving our karma.     Also to know what type of karmas you have selected to work on and how to soften and or transform them.

I will be sharing wonderful Native American stories about Time Gate Karma Resolution and  the wonderful symbology of how the universe helps us on our journey we call life.  Join us for a very exciting and meaningful lecture.  please register early so we have enough handouts for everyone.

Sedona Retreat

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