How Does A Mystic Launch Spring?

A mystic knows that spring is an important season for launching a beautiful wave of Mother Earth’s energy. It is the spring season that provides the mystic divine timing which can infuse our life’s journey with powerful and wisdom filled energy. This is especially true when  the heavens place the planets in the astrological position of mercury retrograde.   These are all great opportunities for positive change and release old thoughts and energies which hold us back from our happiness and our good health.

A mystic uses the healing energy of all the season’s which keeps us in sync with all the aspects of nature thus tapping into the wonderful healing power of Mother Nature. The mystic utilizes spring time to launch  positive changes. Within this blog is a wonderful energetic technique for our spring season. Many blessings to you and enjoy this technique.


A Mystic’s Spring Check List  –  Here are some great tips to help…

  1. Review the blocks and obstacles you currently have in your life that is blocking you from your happiness and good health
  2. Print a picture of yourself
  3. Write in your energy field (white space around you) the following words and statements…
    example: to gravitate to wisdom filled resolutions to be pain free
    example: to have wisdom filled thoughts about my judgements
    example: to infuse my aura with patience with myself and others
    example: to infuse my energy with virtuous self love
    example: to have new wisdom filled thoughts about my journey
    example: to be excited about my future
    example: I add great value in the world
  4. Take a picture of your photo and all the words you used to bring these energies to you
  5. Look at this picture 2 times daily
  6. See the energy field with these words in your mind’s eye periodically throughout the day
  7. Use a mantra  “I am super receptive to these virtuous resolutions and my personal divine helpers to secure these resolutions – thank you”
  8. Dedicate some of your energy to doing wisdom filled service work to help this process.  An example of service work can be lending a helping hand to a loved one.
  9. Share this technique with a friend
  10. Namaste and share your results with us by clicking here

Have a Beautiful Spring Season – Looking Forward to Seeing You in Class – Billie Topa Tate

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