Reiki Crystal Bowl Workshop | Video Message from Billie Topa Tate

Newly designed class by Billie Topa Tate. Using quartz crystal bowls and reiki for a immersion of soothing reiki energy into the energy field. The energy centers within the body truly respond to heavenly sound and the healing power of reiki. Billie Topa Tate designed a step by step session that will help our clients and families to disperse congested energy and rebalance the energy field to facilitate a great sense of peace, healing and energetic balance. We are officially excited about sharing this new

Reiki Crystal Bowl session, will include…….

  • *How to infuse Reiki into our Quartz Crystal Bowl
  • *Reiki symbol applications with quartz crystal bowl techniques
  • *Hand positions with the quartz crystal bowl and reiki symbols
  • *Remove harmful energies from the energy field using sound, reiki and angels
  • *Empower your massage table with reiki, sound and angels
  • *Clear your healing practice with quartz crystal bowl, reiki and angels
  • *Program your quartz crystal bowl for your table sessions
  • *Infuse heavenly energy into our energy field
  • *Use healing colors with quartz crystal bowl, reiki and angels
  • *Clear and empower your own energy field and your practice

Reiki Crystal Bowl Workshop June 11th Sunday 10am – 12:30pm

Sedona Retreat

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